People who like to shop are my type of person. I don’t get it, but there’s something about these islands with all kinds of food I love (it’s probably the food!). If there’s a zombie apocalypse, the supermarket will be my home for as long as I live. Well, enough about that, as we’re here to talk about the Dollar General (DG) retail store and its DGme employee access portal.


Dollar General has an employee portal, commonly known as the DGME portal. Any retail store employee can log into their account on this portal to access hours of operation, view benefits, view W-2, payroll, and more. Once someone joins your workforce, they will receive an Employee ID to access this portal. However, not everyone is familiar with these web portals and may need help.

If so, the following sections will help you understand everything about this portal.

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Dollar General Employee Portal

Procedures for registration in the DGME

Users can facilitate DGME employee registration by entering valid employee information in the appropriate fields. Registration is easy if you already know the registration criteria. Follow the steps below to ensure a secure connection.

  • Visit the Dollar General Inbound Payment Portal login page.
  • Enter your employee ID in the first field provided.


  • Enter your password in the second field provided.
  • As the last step, click on the “Subscribe button,” visible on the screen.

If you have problems with the Dollar General Pay Receipts portal, you can try standard connection troubleshooting before contacting the DG Pay Receipts portal support team.

Dollar General Employee Sign-In Process

Dollar General Employee Portal allows your employees to easily use employee facilities and services through its certified web platform. Employees who have already registered with Dollar General LLC can now access their accounts by logging into the official employee portal. This article covers topics related to logging into the Dollar General Employee, resetting your password (DGME login), and procedures for successful registration.

Benefits After Login To Dollar General Employee Portal

Through Dollar’s General Employee Portal, all employees can see if they are eligible for the benefits offered by the company. Like Medicare, Medicare, Life Insurance, etc. It doesn’t end there with that general employee portal that asks and asks you to fill shelves and communicate with employees quickly, without wasting a lot of time. You can even reschedule your hours and days and even participate in the roundtable on your rights and labor issues.