Reset Credentials

The DGme Employee Login Portal allows current Dollar General employees to access their business accounts online through Internet-connected devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. By logging into their DGME employee account, Dollar General employees can see their working hours, W2, benefits, important announcements, etc. You can also conveniently perform various work-related activities 24 hours a day, such as checking application status, submitting required documents, and much more.DGmeDollar General Employee Services provides a platform for employees to learn new skills and develop their existing talent through award-winning promotional activities and the best possible training programs. In this article, you’ll learn about Dollar’s general employee registration procedures, employee benefits, and more.

How To Reset DGME Credentials?

Learn how to restart it by following these simple steps. To change or reset your password, you must follow these text-based procedures to reset your password.

 Reset Password

  • On the official Paystub portal page, look for a link titled “Forgot your code?”
  • Click on it to continue.
  • Enter the requested details such as employee ID and date of birth (e.g., 12-0612) in the fields provided.
  • Write down the last three social security numbers. After entering the information, click Submit to confirm the submission of the above information.

Requirements For Retrieving Your Account
Obtain the DGME Employee ID page to submit the following information.

  • If you have a social security card, enter your legal name. This will be what appears on the cards
  • Enter month, day, and year of birth
  • The year you were first hired at Dollar General
  • The last four digits of your social security number

An employee employed by the DG receives various additional benefits, including the employee’s family. Benefits include multi-insurance health insurance plans, employee support programs, paid time off, flexible spending accounts (FSA), and more. For more information, see the Benefits page: